Tackling Alzheimer’s Disease

I’m enjoying my iced tea a few weeks ago with a friend and her colleague on a sunny southern California day. My friend, Courtney Desoto, mentioned that June was Alzheimer’s Disease awareness month. She knows this because her firm serves and coordinates care for the elderly and dependent adults, many of which suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. She shared with me what this disease looks like in a real life scenario. Desoto told me a true story about an elderly man who suffered just the beginning signs of the disease: change in personality and irrational behavior. This man’s family was unaware of the onset of the disease and the gentleman fell prey to a scam which convinced him he was the winner of a $30,000 car. The man was persuaded to handover $100,000 from his retirement in order to secure his “winnings.” By the time the bank caught on to the multiple bank transfers, there was nothing that could be done, because he did not have proper protection such as conservatorship or trust. This now frail elderly man, who had worked hard his whole life, was left without any savings and not able to make ends meet for basic living necessities. Courtney’s tender heart and intellect fuels her passion for her work. I asked, what I can do to help out since I missed Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Courtney encouraged me to buy a ticket to the local Alzheimer’s Association Blonde Vs Brunettes all-female flag football game this summer on July 18th. She put me in contact with the Brunette’s Team quarterback, Felicia Rueff, #3. 

I met with Felicia to get more information about what Blondes Vs Brunettes Football Game. Felicia enthusiastically shared that each member of both teams is required to raise a minimum of $500 for the Alzheimer’s Association which benefits the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. Felicia mentioned that all of us know someone who is or was affected by the disease and that, as of yet, there is no cure. She said this friendly rivalry is also a fun way to get the community involved to settle the battle of who is superior…blondes or brunettes? Apparently, red-heads are a wild card who can play on either team. This event began in 2005 in Washington DC and has branched out to cities nationwide. This concept was designed to attract the spirit of young leaders in the community to get involved in a condition which primarily affects the elderly. The game will take place this Saturday, July 18 (11:00 a.m.) at the beautiful Santa Barbara Polo Club fields in Carpinteria, California. There will be a DJ along with promotional booths. There will be a tailgate party before the game and an after-party will ensue following the victory. For more information go online and visit Blondes Vs Brunettes act.alz.org . Let’s tackle Alzheimer’s Disease together!
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